The aluminum profile

The aluminum profile is considered the most modern, popular and multifunctional building material. They are used to produce strong, lightweight structures. Aluminium profile is used for building facades, balconies, doors, windows, railings, gates, glazing, partitions, commercial equipment, etc. You can order the profile by clicking on the link standard extruded aluminum profiles.

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Aluminium profile, advantages

Among the advantages of this building material is worth noting:

  • Lightness. Since aluminum and aluminum alloys are used in production.
  • Strength. The aluminum profile is many times stronger than PVC and wood.
  • Resistant to fire, torsion and oxidation.
  • Resistance to temperature drops.
  • The material does not crack.
  • Aluminium profile is environmentally friendly and completely harmless to health.
  • It is easy enough to install. It is also easy to maintain.
  • Resistant to negative environmental impact.
  • As the facade profile is covered with a special paint, the material is not subject to corrosion.
  • Reliable, able to withstand heavy loads.
  • High quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • Types of aluminium profiles

Today there are different types of aluminum profiles. There are systems that have a high resistance to heat transfer. And there are fire-resistant profiles for expansion joints. On the market there is also an aluminum frame profile for glass. In its production the primary aluminum alloy is used. And the addition of magnesium and silicon can improve the characteristics of the structure. There is a profile for distortion joints. For more details, see the link aluminum extrusion shapes.
The aluminium profile for building facades can be painted in any colour. It is produced both in standard white and can be anodized or decorated, painted according to the RAL table. Together with the aluminium profile for glass, you can also purchase the necessary fittings and accessories. For example, hinges, locks, seals, tilt&turn mechanisms, handles, corner connections, etc.

With the help of aluminum profile, you can finish the walls with stone, porcelain tiles, panels. For cladding of any level of complexity, the aluminium profile is used for glass facades with triplex or tempered super strong glass. This material is not only unpretentious and durable, but also attractive in appearance. Profile aluminium systems make it possible to abandon standard windows and walls. Therefore, it is better to give preference to the aluminum profile. For an affordable price, you get high quality products.

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