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Plinko is one casino game that is very popular online. The reason the game's name may sound familiar is that it is a recreation of a 1980s television segment from the American program “The Price is Right”. The original game's popularity helped the online version attract gamers. It's a popular gambling site game.

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The 1win bookmaker is always looking for new and exciting online games to offer its customers. So, if you go to 1win's official site today, you can play not only the most popular slots or poker but also Plinko, a simple but very addicting game.

What does the Plinko game look like on 1win?

Plinko is a casino game that is played in real life, but there is an online version on 1win that is almost identical to the real thing. Online games are made more fascinating by game creators who preserve the core features and add new ones. All of the slots at 1 win online casino have this as their main benefit. Plinko is no different. The version shown on the 1win official site is a mix of the old game and some new features. Plinko's playing pitch is triangular, with the top at the top and the bottom at the bottom, just like a regular triangle.

The whole triangle is full of obstacles, which are all lined up in rows and placed at the same distance from each other. Pins act as obstacles on which a ball falling from above will trip. Many rows of slot cells make up the bottom portion of the triangular field. The slots in which the Plinko ball falls are arranged according to a general rule that states that the most profitable slots are those that are furthest on the left and right margins. The slots get less profitable as you go closer to the centre. Depending on the series chosen, the profitability in the central cell is less than x1.

Plinko Special Features

Plinko lacks bonus rounds like other casino games. However, its developers added a few crucial options to change the gameplay and make it look and act how you like. Several qualities are essential for real-money Plinko slot online:


Choose the auto mode to have Plinko win for you while the game is being played automatically with your hands off the game. Just like in manual mode, you can set your bet, rows, and level of risk. The last choice is "Number of Bets," which indicates how many balls you'll drop per round. As you will play with the same bet, rows, and risk level, make sure your bankroll can manage it.

Risk Management

Plinko is great for people who want to set particular risk limitations. The "Risk" button lets you set the game's volatility to Low, Medium, or High. Low risk means you have a higher chance of winning smaller prizes, while high risk means you have a lower chance of winning but could win much bigger prizes. There is a middle ground between the two extremes where you can expect to make moderate gains.

The second is a "Row" button, which determines how many lines the Plinko ball must travel through in order to reach the bottom. There are 8 to 16 rows, and the likelihood of large wins increases with the number of rows. For instance, selecting eight rows with a high-risk level will result in a maximum multiplier of 29x, whereas selecting all 16 rows with the same risk will produce a maximum multiplier of 1000x.

Gameplay Plinko 1win online casino

Plinko slot is simple to play at 1win online casino:

  1. Pick your risk level: low, medium, or high. Depending on the selected amount of volatility, the prizes awarded will change.
  2. Plinko 1win balls fall more quickly without the assistance of a player when you choose the automated betting mode, which offers 1 to 10 autoruns.
  3. To change the drop bet, click the "min", "max", "+", and "-" buttons and select between 8 and 16 paylines;
  4. Click the play button, then watch the ball travel. In Plinko 1 win Casino, money is added to your account as soon as the ball goes down. On the left side of the screen, you can access the bet and payment histories.

The game is good for both new and experienced gamblers because it has minimum and maximum bets that work for everyone. The largest payout at Plinko casino 1win is x1,000 while playing all 16 high-risk lines, although due to the game's utter randomness, your payouts are exceedingly random. You will need to play with a lot of risks in order to obtain the highest win when playing Plinko 1win online.

Register for the Plinko 1Win Game

You must create an account on the 1 win official site before you can play Plinko for cash. To do this, select the account creation method (telephone number, email, or social media), the currency, any applicable promo codes, and the information from your passport. The operators will examine it for validation.

How to Add Money to Your Plinko 1Win Account

The following is the 1 win website's deposit procedure:

  • Visit the casino's official site and register an account.
  • Indicate the deposit technique.
  • Enter the login information and the deposit amount.
  • Enter the code to confirm the payment.
  • Get the funds added to your play account.

In addition to the Plinko slot, you can play other exciting casino games at 1win.


What is Plinko's RTP?

RTP stands for "return to player" Plinko has an RTP of 97%, which is greater than the majority of other casino games. The players will therefore have a greater probability of winning.

What is the Plinko volatility?

Plinko 1win is a low-volatility gambling game. Plinko has a low level of volatility, and players have a high chance of winning.

Does Plinko have a real-money version?

Plinko can, in fact, be played with real money if one so chooses. In order to accomplish this, you will first need to become approved on the 1win official site (you will need your own personal account for this), and then you will need to make a deposit. A demo version is also available if a player wants to test the game before playing for real money.